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Cutting short ribbons and short narrow strips without a shredder

For those who want to build small objects with PET ribbons (or strips) but don't have a PET shredder, there is an alternative. Short ribbons and short narrow strips (about 30cm long) can be cut out using only a scissor or a cutter blade.

Let's first cut off the bottom and the top of a 2 liters straight PET bottle, in a way to obtain a (aproximately) 20cm long cylinder -- it can vary in size according to bottle's brand, height, etc.

Then, let's make a straight cut (from bottom up) through the cylinder, to open it and get a rectangular PET sheet aproximately 20cm wide and 30cm long.

Now, using a scissor or a cutter blade and a ruller, we can cut the wanted ribbons or narrow strips.

  • For a more accurate cut of narrower strips, it's advisable to start cutting from the left side of the PET sheet.
  • When using a cutter blade, double attention to avoid accidents.
  • The width of the PET sheet depends upon the height of the bottle.
  • The heigth of the PET sheet is a little more than three times the diameter of the bottle -- it's the good old constant Pi, that values 3.1415...
  • Use aways new and well clean bottles.