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Mini-shredders - How to make them


With the minishredder you will be able to cut a long and narrow strip out of a PET bottle. The device can be used either attached to a base that you can rest on a table, or as handheld device.

Handheld minishredder

Minishredder attached to a base


The first model of the minishredder was similar to the blade holder used in the F-2000 shredders and it had a shelf support frame for a base. Other structures were tested as bases in order to facilitate production and make the device more user-friendly.


From left to right: F-2000 shredder's cutter blade holder; the first minishredder model; the transitional model; and the current minishreder model.


The tools needed to build a minishredder can be found in any home workshop, except for the narrow bladed mini saw, often used in prosthetic dentistry and jewellery.

The materials needed are quite simple: two screws with their nuts, one washer, one 9-10 mm wide cutter blade, a piece of U-shaped aluminum profile and some wood for the handle.


A piece of aluminum profile, two screws with nuts, one washer, one cutter blade and one wooden handle.

Fixation of the blade

Detailed view of the slits on the finished minishredder.

Detailed view of the slits on the finished minishredder

Template for cutting the slits on the minishredder

The slits are cut in a 20 degrees angle.